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Improvised Rescue Courses for Climbers in The Lake District 

Kendal Mountaineering Services provide improvised rescue courses for climbers in The Lake District, North Wales (Snowdonia National Park) and Scotland.

  • learn essential rock climbing skills
  • improve your ropework knowledge
  • gives you the confidence to get on rock 

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Lake District based Ropework and Rescue Skills CoursesBefore attending an improvised rescue course (also known as improvised rescue techniques) you should already be a competent climber with experience of lead climbing outdoors.

Whilst climbing, imagine finding yourself in the following situations:

- You've just climbed 3 pitches of a 5 pitch route and accidentally knocked a rock off which has hit your second injuring them and they are unable to climb any further.

- You are belaying a leader who had just fallen off at the end of a traverse and is unable to regain contact with the rock.

- Your second has just been stung by a wasp and is suffering from anaphylactic shock. You have to get down to them quickly as the epi-pen is in your sack.

You know you need to get down to them quickly and make them secure but don't know how. In such a situation even minutes can make the difference between life and death!


Improve your rock climbing skills with a rescue skills courseRescue Skills Learned

A KMS improvised rescue skills course will teach you how to deal with any incident. We'll start at the basics looking at building anchors and belaying techniques to avoid any potential problems right there. You'll learn how to escape the system so that you can do something about rescuing your partner and yourself. Learn the techniques of how to ascend and descend ropes with only basic equipment, lower and hoist casualties and descend a multi-pitch crag safely. Our instructors will teach you how to adapt to your situation quickly, eliminate the panic and inactivity that makes the difference between life and death and give you the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions to save you and your partner.

From setting up a mechanical advantage hoist with a minimum of kit to organising re-belays and physically transporting an injured or incapacitated person, this course could well be the most important thing you've ever learnt!

We run our improvised rescue courses by the day. Most people rarely require more than two days and we'll start off with simple techniques such as escaping the system leading eventually through to more complicated scenarios such as a counterbalanced abseil.

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New for 2016 - Slovenia walking holiday

We are offering the chance to have a weeks holiday exploring the stunning Julian Alps of Slovenia. Accommodated in an Alpine style chalet in Bovec, you will have an adventurous week exploring the beautiful unspoilt scenery of this magnificent area. You will be surrounded by snow capped peaks, crystal clear rivers and lush green meadows. click here to have a look at the details.

We also have our range of other courses that can help with all of your outdoor wishes, no matter what time of year you want to learn. 

Map reading course dates for 2016

Skye Cuillin ridge traverse 2016


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Wishing you many happy Winter adventures!

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